Teller County Shooting Society Offers Public Days from May-October

Public Days for Teller County Shooting Society will be
held at the Gold Camp Shooting Sports Center in Gillette.
Every 3rd Saturday of each month from May to Oct.
First Public Day is this Saturday, May 20th (10a-3p).
$10 for ages 13 and up.
Bring your own pistol/rifle and ammunition.
No shot guns, except if you shoot slugs.
Free ear plugs available and for $3.00, safety goggles.
If you are a new ‘shooter’, people will be available to help you learn.
Follow Hwy 24 towards Cripple Creek but take the left fork towards Victor at the Gillette Flats.
Future dates will be June 17th, July 15th, Aug 19th, Sept 16th and Oct. 21st.
TCSS has been a club since 2010 you can check out our web page for more details.

Orange is the New Black or Bags are the New Dumpsters!

It’s time to spruce up our little village for the upcoming Summer tourist season!  Since the City no longer receives funds for the free dumpster program, this year we are providing orange trash bags that you can volunteer to fill with trash from streets, alleys, parks and other public spaces.  When you are finished filling your bag, please bring it to the back of the Firehouse or leave it on the sidewalk or adjacent to a City street for our crews to pick up.  NO HOUSEHOLD TRASH PLEASE!    Thanks for taking pride in our community and helping us keep Victor clean!

Thank a Snow Plow Driver!

Doing their best at a very tough job.

What a winter it has been! As I look out the window of my warm and cozy house, I can see the plow trucks going by. Some are driven by people who work to keep our town roads and parking lots safe, and some are driven by people who work to keep driveways and private parking lots safe. Have you ever thought about how we depend on these drivers?

I think we often take them for granted.

We expect to have the roads cleared as soon as it starts snowing. After all, we have places to go.

These great people work long hours to get the job done. So what if the plow drivers have to leave their warm beds, miss their baby’s first birthday party, their daughter’s dance recital, or their son’s basketball game? So what if they can’t visit a family member who has been hospitalized; we need our road plowed.

I challenge you to thank these people. If you see them at the local store, ask them how long they’ve been out working, or how long they expect to be out. Ask them how long it’s been since they had a hot meal.

Have patience, and keep a few facts in mind: Breakdowns happen … equipment fails. The trucks and equipment see a lot of miles and hours, and despite frequent and regular maintenance, stuff breaks. Unexpected things happen, even when drivers are careful. Think about glare ice, steep hills and curves, and visibility of 20 feet or less.

Whether privately employed or working for the Town, County or State, all this happens with a budget in mind: a budget for sand, salt, maintenance, overtime, and repairs. The reason the plow goes by again and again after a storm ends is to push back banks, especially in a winter like this where storm follows storm; otherwise roads become very narrow.

Nighttime snow removal may disturb your peaceful slumber, but that is the safest time for major snow removal in school yards and at intersections.

These people are doing the best they can with what they have, and those resources are naturally depleted as the winter goes on, and on, and on. Remember to give them a smile and a thank-you for keeping us as safe as possible when we go to our cars and head out to wherever it is we need to go.

Credit to Beth Frost, Andover Beacon News.

Welcome to Victor, Zach!

The City of Victor extends a warm welcome to AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer Zachary Rehbein-Jones.

Zach began his year-long term of service with the City on March 13th, 2017 and will be concentrating on economic development initiatives in partnership with the Victor Main Street Program and the Victor DREAM Commission.  Zach studied economics and sociology at the University of Wisconsin and is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Welcome to Victor Zach!!!

In the photo, Teller County Commissioners recognize Zachary Rehbein-Jones for his dedication to community service for Mayor and County Recognition Day, April 4th, 2017.

Victor and Cripple Creek Receive GOCO Funding for Parks Projects!

DENVER – The Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Board awarded $7 million in grants at its meeting in Fort Morgan on Thursday.  The majority of the funding, totaling $5.5 million, was awarded through GOCO’s Local Government grant programs that fund local parks and outdoor recreation (LPOR) and planning projects. In addition to building or upgrading outdoor recreational facilities of all sizes and types, these grants also help local governmnents engage the public and strategically plan future projects.  Local projects include:

Wallace Park Gazebo, $45,000 grant to the City of Victor

The City of Victor will put GOCO funding to work to add a gazebo to Wallace Park, the central gathering place for the city’s outdoor events. Of the city’s 400 residents, 90% live within a walkable distance to the park, which currently has no sheltered picnic areas. The new gazebo will match the local Victorian architectural style and accommodate eight picnic tables, offering residents the ability to host outdoor community and private events.

Mountain View Adventure Park, $224,061 grant to the City of Cripple Creek

Cripple Creek will invest its GOCO grant in creating Mountain View Adventure Park on a property the city dedicated to parks development five years ago. The project will build several miles of trail, a disc golf course, sledding hill, adventure playground, dog park, BMX track, and picnic shelter in addition to installing infrastructure like parking and benches.

Dump Your Ashes Responsibly!

The fire on Sunday just South of Victor appears to have been started by a person dumping hot ashes on the City’s slash pile.   That area is NOT a dump ground.  The City makes mulch from that pile of tree limbs that can be used for landscaping purposes.

The City thanks its fine volunteer department and all of our neighboring fire departments, including Cripple Creek, Four Mile, Divide, NETCO, US Forest Service and Mt. Mutual.  This fire could have had dire consequences but for the quick response from all these agencies.

The City and Teller County are still under fire restrictions.  Please heed these warnings!

DREAM Commission Vacancy

The DREAM Commission is looking for interested volunteers like you to fill an open seat.  DREAM/Mainstreet info can be found on the City’s webpage at .  Victor DREAM fuels the Main Street program which serves the purpose of enhancing Victor’s downtown business district aesthetically, socially, and economically by holding civic engagement, residents’ pride, historic preservation, and small business and entrepreneurship as its core priorities. If you are interested, please submit a letter of interest to Becky Frank no later than April 1, 2017 at